Is There a Best Way to Store Wine?

If you are a casual wine drinker, then storing wine may not be your concern, but when you have at least 4-5 bottles that you are not planning to drink right away, you have to store them properly because poor storage can spoil even the best wine.

You might be asking, what are wine coolers? Is there a best way to store your wine? Are refrigerators strictly designed to keep your wine cooled to a specific temperature.

How do you store your wine properly in a wine cooler?

The answer is yes, a wine cooler, also called a wine fridge, is one of the best ways to keep your wine which will make it last for ages and even grow in value and quality.

The following simple guidelines will keep your wine safe until you can drink them.

Store the wine at a proper temperature

The number one factor that can influence the quality of your wine is the temperature. Storing your wine in a wine fridge at the proper temperature Is excellent. An unstable heat or cold is sure to spoil your wine. Depending on your wine type, the ideal temperature for long-term or short-term wine storage is 55°C.

Also, for some specific wines, you should consult the manufacturer for storage recommendations. Wine shouldn’t be kept below 25°F or above 68°F regardless of the type of wine or level.

Store your wine bottles horizontally

Even though this method is more efficient for wines with corks, keeping your wine horizontally is an efficient way to preserve your wine and keep it safe, even if it’s a screw-top wine. Moreover, keeping the wine on its side will moisten the wine cork, as dried cork can cause the wine to seep and age prematurely.

Keep your wine away from light and vibration

Regardless of how long or short, you are storing your wine, make sure to keep state data in a dark place because light can spoil the flavor or aroma of the wine. And also, protect your wine from any vibration source because it will disturb and disrupt the wine processes of aging favorably.

Preserve your wine at an ideal humidity

Extreme low or high humidity can impact your wine’s longevity. So the ideal humidity you should store your wine should be between 60-68%.

When it’s time to serve your wine, allow it to come to a proper serving temperature of 58 to 65°F to enjoy the full aroma and taste.

Close your opened wine bottle properly

Typically, an opened wine bottle will last for 3-5 days. However, you can extend its lifetime and retain the aroma and flavor by re-corking the wine bottle tightly, placing some wax paper around the cork, and sliding it back to its original position.

Final thought

Collecting the best wine is one of the greatest pleasures of life, but this is just the process; how to store them is the most critical aspect. With a wine cooler and a few wine storage guidelines, you can keep your wine for both long-term and short-term usage at ease without compromising the taste or aroma.