How to Maintain A Lawn Mower

Lawn Mowers are expensive and you do not want to buy one now and then. Good maintenance of a lawnmower makes a lawnmower look brand new. It is easy to maintain a lawnmower and the following are simple steps to follow.

Read and follow the Lawn Mower Manual

Commercial mowers come with a manual during purchase. The manual contains details on how you should use and maintain the mower. The mower’s creator is the one who writes the manual with a clear understanding of all the features of the mower. Consistence following the lawn mower manual guarantees perfect maintenance of the mower.

Drain the Remaining Gas

Lawnmowers are mostly stored after mowing season without draining the remaining gasoline. This is a problem because the old gasoline can easily cause mower ignition complications. Old gasoline should always be emptied and new gasoline should be used at the beginning of mowing season.

Always Monitor the Oil

One should often check the status of oil in a lawnmower. This can be done every time before use. One should mainly check for floating fragments or changes in the color of the oil. If the oil is contaminated or old, it should be immediately drained. It is easy to drain the old oil. A mower has a drain plug underneath and it drains the entire oil once it is opened.

Commercial mowers

Scrap the Undercarriage Often

The undercarriage is a lawn mower part that gets into contact with grass and other materials in a lawn. This part can easily attract large quantities of grass which can clog the discharge chute. The problem can be avoided by scrapping grass after use using a wire or a similar object. One should also spray with a high-pressured pipe to remove small debris. This part is risky to handle and thus one should disconnect the spark plug first.

Check the Air Filter

An air filter determines whether a mower will burn gas efficiently or not. An air filter can be easily clogged by dirt, which can add stress to the gas-burning mechanism. One should always check to see whether the air filter is clogged. Air filters should be replaced annually and this is possible since they are not expensive.

Keep the Blades Sharpened

Blades play a big part in determining the effectiveness of a mower. They are subjected to extreme conditions such as rocks and hard surfaces when mowing. To maintain them in shape, they should always be cleaned after mowing and sharpened before clipping. Sharpening reduces stress on blades.

Replace the Spark Plu

Spark plug controls the starting mechanism of a lawnmower. They are cheap and they should be replaced annually. Changing the spark plug gives the mower new power when starting. One should not over-tighten the plug after replacement.

Inspect Handles

One should inspect all handles in a lawnmower to ensure that they are all tight. The mower’s manual should be followed when tightening the grips.

Look for Frequent Tune-up

You can maintain a lawnmower on your own but it is good to look for help from a professional. There are lawn mower professionals who can perform a quick tune-up of your lawnmower. This can be done once a year or anytime you feel the lawnmower needs some adjustments. The average cost of a tune-up is $ 50- 75 and thus it is not expensive.